vSphere Lab-in-a-Box 14: vMotion Tests

In this post, we will use vMotion to move the DC02 server between the two virtual ESXi servers and between the iSCSI and NFS datastores.

Move Server to New Host

Open the vSphere Client and locate the “dc02” server.  Right-click on the server and choose Migrate…


Leave the Migration Type on Change host.  Click Next.


Select the second virtual ESXi server and click Next.


Leave the priority on High and click Next.


Click Finish and wait for the process to complete.  The server will now be located on the second virtual ESXi server.


Move Server to New Datastore

Right-click on the “dc02” server and choose Migrate… again.

Select Change datastore and click Next.


Choose the shared_nfs datastore and click Next.


Click Finish and wait for the process to complete.  This will take a little longer than simply migrating the host.

When it has completed, you can view the Summary of the server and see that it is located on the shared_nfs datastore.


This post concludes the Lab-in-a-Box series regarding setting up of a home lab.  Look out for further posts on other VMware and related topics.


Lab-in-a-Box Series:
01 Introduction
02 ESXi Installation on Physical Hardware
03 Installation of vSphere Client
04 Lab Host Configuration
05 Domain Controller Setup
06 Domain and Related Services
07 Configuration of Virtual ESXi Servers
08 vCenter Server Setup
09 vCenter Server Configuration
10 Set up OpenFiler NAS
11 Set up iSCSI
12 Set up NFS
13 Set up Secondary Domain Controller
14 vMotion Tests