vSphere Lab-in-a-Box 03: Installation of vSphere Client

This post will detail the installation of the vSphere Client, which will be used to manage the Lab Host ESXi installation.

Install the vSphere Client

Either extract the vSphere Client install file from the ESXi ISO, or open a browser to the address displayed on your Lab Host and click the link to Download vSphere Client.

Start the installation and select your Language


Agree to the License


Choose the installation location and then click Install to start


After the installation has finished, run the vSphere Client icon from the desktop.  Enter the IP address of your Lab Host, along with root as the username and the password you entered during the installation.


A Certificate Warning will pop up.  Tick the box at the bottom and then click Ignore.


You will receive an Evaluation Notice warning, indicating how much time you have left on your evaluation.


And finally, you will be presented with the Getting Started screen of your Lab Host.


In the next part, we’ll configure the Lab Host to allow the virtual machines to communicate with each other.


Lab-in-a-Box Series:
01 Introduction
02 ESXi Installation on Physical Hardware
03 Installation of vSphere Client
04 Lab Host Configuration
05 Domain Controller Setup
06 Domain and Related Services
07 Configuration of Virtual ESXi Servers
08 vCenter Server Setup
09 vCenter Server Configuration
10 Set up OpenFiler NAS
11 Set up iSCSI
12 Set up NFS
13 Set up Secondary Domain Controller
14 vMotion Tests