MDT 2013 Guide 11: Creating Deployment Task Sequence

As we have now built and captured the gold image, the next step is phase 3 – Deploying the gold image to all the other workstations.

This phase will be split into two parts:

  1. Adding applications and task sequence
  2. Adding the deployment role and computer


Adding Deployment Applications

This is the phase where we add all the other applications that need to be installed onto a default workstation. This includes all the applications that change frequently (for example: Adobe Flash Player, PDF Reader, Firefox, Chrome, etc).

As an example, we will use 7-Zip, which can be downloaded from here.

Open the Deployment Workbench, right-click on Applications and choose New Folder.


Give the folder a name like Regular Deployment.


Click Next and finish the wizard.

Right-click on the folder and choose New Application. Choose Application with source files.


Fill in some details about the software.


Choose the Source directory where you downloaded the installation file to, and tick the box to move the files instead of copying them.


Enter the following Command line:


Finish the installation.


Create Deployment Task Sequence

Right-click on Task Sequences and choose New Task Sequence.


Give it an ID and a Name.


Choose a Standard Client Task Sequence when prompted and for the Operating System, choose the Gold Image.


During testing, I recommend not specifying the product key.  Enter your User, Organization and IE Home Page details.


Enter a local Administrator password and then finish the wizard.


Customise Deployment Task Sequence

Double-click on the new task sequence and go to the Task Sequence tab.

Disable the Restore User State and Restore Groups steps like we did before.


Enable both Windows Update tasks.


Remove the Install Applications task and replace it with an Install Applications group, just as we did with the gold image.


Under the Install Applications group, add a task to Install Application. Change the Name to Install 7-Zip, click Browse… and select the 7-Zip application.




This completes the first part of phase 3. Next we will configure the database role and computer object for our test deployment.


MDT2013 Series:
01 Intro and Active Directory Setup
02 MDT Software Installation
03 Deployment Share and MDT Database Setup
04 Network Access Permissions
05 Application and OS
06 Creating Build Task Sequence
07 MDT Database
08 WDS and PXE Booting
09 Creating the Gold Image
10 Capturing the Gold Image
11 Creating Deployment Task Sequence
12 Deployment Role and Computer Object