MDT 2013 Guide 07: MDT Database

In this post we will set up a role entry and computer entry in the MDT Database, for deploying the gold image.


Gold Image Role

Within Deployment Workbench, navigate to Advanced ConfigurationDatabaseRoles. Right-click on Roles and choose New.


Give the role a name and then click on Details.


Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section. Add the following values:

  • _SMSTSORGNAME: Creating Gold Image

This simply adds a useful header to the progress window during the deployment.


  • DoCapture: YES

We want to capture the image at the end


  • FinishAction: SHUTDOWN

A simple convenience that shuts down the virtual machine once the deployment is complete.


  • TaskSequenceID: BUILD_WIN81

Set to the task sequence from above.


  • WsusServer: http://mdt01.yster.lab:8530

Set this to the address of your WSUS server so that the gold image can get all windows updates.


Scroll down to Regional and Locale Settings:

  • UserLocale: en-gb
  • KeyboardLocale: en-gb

Since I’m located in Britain, I set my keyboard and user locales to British English. See here for a list of locales that can be configured.


  • TimeZoneName: GMT Standard Time

Sets the time zone. Run “tzutil /l” in a command prompt to get a list of all time zone names.


  • ComputerBackupLocation: NETWORK
  • BackupShare: \\mdt01.yster.lab\Captures$
  • BackupDir: GoldImage
  • BackupFile: GoldImage.wim

These 4 settings tell the capture portion of the task sequence where and under what name to store the captured gold image.


Click OK to save the role.

Gold Image Computer

Note: In this section, you will need the MAC address of the virtual machine you will be using to build your gold image. Depending on what virtualisation software you are using, you may be able to find the information in the virtual machine settings. Or you may need to boot the virtual machine and get the information from the BIOS or when attempting to network boot.

For example, on VMware ESXi, which I use on my home lab, you can boot a new virtual machine and the MAC address is displayed when it network boots.


Alternatively, once you have booted the machine at least once, the MAC address is available on the settings for the network adapter. You can also copy the address from the settings page, which makes it easier to add to the MDT database.


Once you have the MAC address, go back to the Deployment Workbench, right-click on Computers and choose New.


Give it a name and enter the MAC address of your virtual machine. The MAC address has to be specified in all CAPS in order to be approved.



Click on the Roles tab. Click Add and choose the Build Gold Image role.


Click OK to save.



We modified the MDT Database to create a Role and Computer object for the gold image. Next we will configure WDS for PXE booting.


MDT2013 Series:
01 Intro and Active Directory Setup
02 MDT Software Installation
03 Deployment Share and MDT Database Setup
04 Network Access Permissions
05 Application and OS
06 Creating Build Task Sequence
07 MDT Database
08 WDS and PXE Booting
09 Creating the Gold Image
10 Capturing the Gold Image
11 Creating Deployment Task Sequence
12 Deployment Role and Computer Object