Deployment, PowerShell and System Administration

vSphere Lab-in-a-Box 09: vCenter Server Configuration

This post will describe the initial configuration of the vCenter Server, which will be used to manage the virtual ESXi servers. Connecting and Adding Hosts On the vCenter server, open the vSphere Client.  Enter the FQDN of your vCenter server, and tick Use Windows session credentials, before clicking Login. When the Security Warning pops up,

vSphere Lab-in-a-Box 08: vCenter Server Setup

In this post we will create and install our vCenter server, which we will use to manage our virtual ESXi servers. Create the Virtual Machine Firstly, we need to create a New Virtual Machine.  The setup of this virtual machine closely matches the setup of the Domain Controller.  Below are the areas it differs from

vSphere Lab-in-a-Box 07: Configuration of Virtual ESXi Servers